Don’t Forget The Pipes!

Having your loft insulated saves money. It is proven, common sense.

But many companies, especially some of the subcontractors who complete “free” insulation, are only interested in doing exactly what they HAVE to.

This can mean that some important elements of insulating a loft are ignored.

One of these is pipe and tank insulation.

Why insulate the tank and pipes, they have been fine for years?

Well, yes they have not frozen for years because you were heating your loft from your home below.

Even if it was only a small amount of heat, it would normally be enough to keep the temperature in the loft space above freezing.

However, you have now just had your loft insulated to stop heat escaping from the rooms below into your empty loft. This means that the temperature in your loft space may now drop below freezing!

Now, the pipes and water tanks you may have in your loft space are in danger of freezing and that means that either your water supply to your heating or hot water cylinder will be cut off or in a worst case scenario the pipes may freeze and burst!

What can you do?

We at Puffin have been installing home insulation for years and know exactly what to look for and more importantly always make sure that our quote includes insulating all accessible pipework and tanks to make sure your system doesn’t freeze and drain down through the rest of the house.

Just one more reason to choose a professional installer.