Why External Insulation?

If your home was built before approximately 1930 and you want to insulate your property to save energy, money and
improve the warmth and comfort of your home you will need to look at External Wall Insulation (EWI).

This is because you will not have a cavity in you property’s wall to fill with insulation, they are solid walls which are
particularly bad at keeping the heat in your property, meaning cold walls inside and lost energy (money).

What is EWI (External Wall Insulation)?

External Insulation is completed by a three stage process which ends with a clean rendered surface over the
whole of you property.

It starts with the removal of external wall “furniture” such as drainpipes, satellite dishes, boiler flues etc.

Once the walls are clear of obstructions insulated boards are fixed to the surface using mechanical fixings.

Edges, corners, top, bottom and window sills are protected with special fixings and edge strips.

Wooden fixing positions are added where the wall “furniture” needs to be re-installed

Reinforcing mesh is added to areas where the insulated boards may need addition support or strength.

Then the whole surface is rendered with a hard wearing render and silicone mix than can be mixed to provide a colour
and finish to your requirements.

The end result is weatherproof, durable and should not need to be painted (if kept clean) for up to 10 years.

The Benefits

Reduces your heating bill.

99% All work completed outside the house, no internal disruption or redecoration.

Improves weather resistance.

Improves sound insulation.

No impact on internal space (no reduction in floor area).

Protects the brickwork.

Stops cold spots on the internal walls.

Reduces interior condensation and can help prevent damp.


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