Why Draught Proof?

Installing draught proofing measures in your home is one of the most cost effective ways of improving the comfort of
your home and saving you money on you energy bills. Yet it is often overlooked. Why?

It could be that most of the products available are poor quality and end up having little effect and looking ugly as they
wear down or simply fall to pieces (even Which says insulating window film doesn’t work). Sourcing and fitting quality
and durable draught proofing can be the difference between wasting rather than saving your money.

Draughts occur normally around windows and doors, especially in older properties as original doors and windows
(often sash type windows) have gaps around them. External doors are especially prone to this problem with no way of
sealing the gap at the bottom.

Draughts can cause major discomfort and increase the feeling of a “cold” room even when the rest of the property or
room are warm. In fact a colder room may feel more comfortable if it is draught free. This is a problem for all but for the
elderly and very young, this can be risky to health.

Where do the draughts get in?

Draughts mainly originate around windows, doors and open (but unused) chimneys.

A 5mm gap under a door can let through up to 80 cubic metres of cold air per hour. Multiply this by the number of
external doors, your windows, the chimney and any of the list below and you can see exactly where your energy is
being wasted.

And don’t forget (just a few to think about):

Your loft hatch
Internal doors
Suspended floors
Pipework leading outside
Electrical fittings on walls and ceiling
Ceiling to wall joints
Unused / not needed / old extractor fans
Your letterbox
and even cat flaps

What can Puffin Insulation do?

Our highly experienced surveyors and fitters can identify and check for these problem areas and fit the right draught
proofing equipment for the right location such as weatherbars under doors (internal and external), brushes, draught
strips and flexible seals to name a few.

What about ventilation?

But most importantly during the survey and fitting our draft proofing installers will make sure there is still adequate
ventilation where needed. Buildings and living spaces still need to breathe and should not be totally sealed. Kitchen
and bathrooms where steam and damp air needs to be able to transfer to outside. Air vents need to remain where fires
or heating equipment needs fresh air (older boilers need fresh air to operate or cool).

Also sealing a property can cause damp issues.

But correct ventilation does not mean you have to put up with draughts. Good ventilation helps reduce condensation
and damp and correct ventilation should be achieved without introducing draughts

We have the experience, technical knowledge and standards to complete this work for you to the relevant
British Standards and industry guidelines.

Remember Draught proofing is just one of a number of domestic property solutions we can provide which when
combined can reduce the overall cost but more importantly improve the comfort level of your home and
maximise your savings.


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