Why Should You Pay For Cavity Wall Insulation?

You may have seen the adverts, junk mail, emails or heard the radio ads from any number of large companies offering
to insulate your cavity walls at a reduced price or even for free which will always sound like a good deal but there are a
number of reasons why this is not always the case:

“You Get What You Pay For”

That old phrase is even more applicable today with the advent of Government Grants, ECO deals and generous
schemes paying thousands of pounds towards various technologies BUT it is in the interest of the companies providing
the work and most importantly, materials, to use the cheapest available since they get paid per job no matter what
products they use.

In many cases this leads to the use of substandard materials installed by inexperienced teams eager to complete as
many jobs as possible per day.

You have No Control

If you do not pay for the work you have no contract with the company completing the work and therefore you cannot
go back to the installers to get any problems resolved, you have to go via the larger companies complaints process
(and since the companies behind all this work are mostly the energy companies you know how poor that process is).

You Are Just a Number to Them

You are a number in a very large collection of numbers. Because the companies (from the top to the bottom) can only
make a profit if they complete a very large number of jobs.

They will cut costs at every level of the process. As an example you may get a date for a survey but that will probably
be at least 3 months in the future.

Now if it takes 3 months to get a survey date, how will it take to get an install date?

Free Is Not Always Free

They do not guarantee to complete the work for free or even discounted, they just say that to get their
“foot in the door”.

This happens because the rules governing what can be offered for free to whom change on a monthly basis and also
change per scheme. So at this point in time you may be eligible but in 3 months time or later you may not, and so you
have to pay.

They Only Want The Easy Jobs

If your property has existing insulation or is not a completely straightforward job (rubble in the cavity, difficult access
etc.) you may be declined for grants and end up paying for the survey even if you don’t get the work completed.

How do we know this and how are we different?

We know how the “system” works as we have been involved on the edges of the process for the last 20 years.

The majority of our work came from small builders and difficult to treat jobs where customers had been let down but
we still did work for a few select providers.

We have now stopped all work for any schemes, grants or energy providers as we have been involved in too many jobs
repairing poor work carried out by larger companies and seen too many poor quality installs.

As a company working for these schemes we were penalized if we took too Jong on a job which is completely against
our outlook of taking the time to do a job properly and ensure that the customer is happy with the work.

We now only work for small companies and private individuals who are willing to pay for a job. Done well, using reliable
products backed by our own and the industry guarantees.

What does that mean to you?

Because there are no grants, subsidies or schemes involved in our work you deal directly with us, no external call
centres, no 8 page contracts, no requirements to jump through various “hoops” to get the end result.

You speak to us, we use our surveyors, our fitters and only use the top quality Rockwool products.

We can arrange a survey within a few days, have the quote to you within another day and the work can start when you
want it to (no fear that if you miss you r slot you have to wait another month).

You can visit our office, see the materials in our warehouse and call us with any questions or concerns you have.

We put in the effort to make sure that dealing with us is simple and easy. No hidden agendas, no shoddy work, just
good, honest work.

If you are a member of Which we have a number of (unprompted) reviews on Which Local and below are comments
from some recent satisfied customers:

Mr Mansfield (Croydon) –

“The whole process was effortless. Puffin Insulation helped me with my grant funding and by lunchtime the cavity had
been filled with no evidence of it even happening, I couldn’t believe the difference it made”

Jez, via Facebook –

“We used Puffin insulation (a division of Stevenson Heating) to do our cavity wall insulation recently. They were the
third company we tried and we are glad we used them because they were polite, efficient and not out to rip us off (the
previous companies wanted to charge for unnecessary work)

“We thoroughly recommend Puffin, they did a great job with no fuss and the results are good. Thank you Puffin!”

Why have your wall cavities filled anyway?

If you house has a gap between the outside and internal wall (normal if you r house was built after 1920) then currently
it may be empty (or have some debris in it).

If this is the case then we can pump insulation into that cavity to fill the gap and reduce dramatically the heat transfer
from inside you home to the outside.

This would benefit you not only by having a warmer house with potentially less condensation but mainly by reducing
your heat loss and therefore you r heating bill.

As an example, a detached house could save around £250 per year
(figures from

So the cost of insulating you house could be recovered with a few years. Combine that with loft insulation you r savings
would be even higher.


Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.

We offer you the highest quality workmanship and services

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