Why Insulate the loft?

Loft insulation is fitted to the floor of the loft space usually between the ceiling joists, not the roof (click here for
information on insulation the whole roof space in a loft conversion. This drastically reduces the heat escaping from the
rooms below meaning the the living spaces in your home stay warm for longer without needing to have the
heating on as much.

Even if you have insulation, adding the right amount to get to the current recommended depth will still
make a difference.

In fact the Energy Savings Trust has estimated that insulating your loft can save up to £250 per year.

Roof insulation can also be installed between the rafters to insulate the whole loft.

Top-up or start from nothing?

Over the years the materials, manufacturing process and regulations surrounding loft insulation have changed so even
though you might already have loft insulation it might not be the recommended thickness, it might have degraded or
just not be very efficient.

Not only do we install insulation to un-insulated lofts but also replace or top-up existing loft insulation to improve what
you already might have.

Don’t forget the Pipes.

When insulating the loft space from the rest of the house the contents of the loft are often overlooked by many
installers (time, cost pressures).

We make sure to include in our quote that pipework and tanks (that are still used) are also insulated to prevent freezing.

Not only that but we also make sure that the ventilation complies with Building Standards and to minimise the risk from
additional damp or condensation.


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