Laying loft flooring is all in a days work.

You are interested in having your loft insulated as you know it will save you money.

But did you know we can also fix loft boarding to give you additional, usable space in your loft after fitting the loft insulation?

The process is fairly straight forward and can be completed at the same time as fitting the loft insulation with saves you even more money.

Why add flooring to the loft?

Boarding the loft will give you additional space for long term storage of items that are not affected by cold or heat such as cloths in sealed bags, furniture, old toys etc.

Boarding also stops you having to balance on the joist whilst moving items or yourself around the loft area.

It also protects the insulation if you decide to store items in your loft as long as it is installed correctly and doesn’t compress the insulation.

We can compete this using in-expensive wood chip boards, screwed the the joists (so they can be removed if needed) for the main areas of the loft where you might want to walk or store items.

What if I already have boarding in my loft?

If your loft already has flooring, we can temporarily remove the flooring to upgrade existing loft insulation or add new.

We will then put the flooring back (as long as it is in good condition) as it was.

And don’t worry if you already have stuff in your loft, click here for more information on that question.

What about access and lighting?

We have them covered as well.

Click here for information on having us install a loft ladder for you.

And click here for how we can help with additional lighting.

These are some of a number of additional jobs (that most other companies will not offer) that we can complete at the same time as installing loft insulation.

And another reason from the long list of reasons to choose Puffin insulation to install or upgrade your loft insulation.

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