Why Insulate Your Home?

There are a number of ways in which we can insulate your home but the first question should by Why?

Most homes can benefit from better insulation, especially those built before the 1990’s.

And there are 2 main reasons why your should consider home insulation –

Comfort and saving money.

Homes are heated by either gas, electricity or fossil fuels. Each have their merits but ALL cost you money.

Whichever method you use, eventually that heat escapes out of your house via –

External Walls 35%
Loft / Roof 35%
Doors 15%
Floors 15%
Windows 10%

These percentages are estimates and will vary depending on the construction of the various parts of your home.

For example:

– Sash windows may account for more than 10% of your average windows heat loss.

– Empty cavity walls or uninsulated solid walls may loose a larger percentage.

– Your loft may loose less if it has some insulation, or more if it has none.

However since 100% of the heat generated by your home heating system WILL be lost via these routes, insulating one or more of them will slow down the time it takes for the heat to escape your property as a whole and will make your home feel more comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, how does insulation help?

Do you feel draughts near your doors or windows?

Are the outside walls noticeably colder or does the part of the room near the outside feel cold?

Are the rooms below your loft colder than the rest of the house, even though they may be upstairs (doesn’t heat rise)?

If you have cavity walls, filling the cavity with insulation will keep in the heat and stop outside walls leaching the heat from a room.

If you don’t have cavity walls, adding external wall insulation will have an even bigger effect.

If you loft has substandard or no loft insulation, upgrading or adding loft insulation will dramatically reduce the amount of heat that escapes into your loft (and therefor outside).

Adding insulation to water pipes in cold parts of your house will mean the heat gets to your radiators quicker and hotter.

Adding draft proofing to your doors and windows will stop drafts and a eliminate a large source of heat loss and increase the comfort in your home.

All of these measures are proven, reliable and shown to have the biggest effect on the comfort of your home and reduction of your energy consumption with payback happening in some cases with just a  couple years.

How much can I save?

According to the Energy Savings trust you could expect savings such as –

Roof/loft insulation can save up to £230 per year.

Cavity Wall insulation can save up to £250 per year.

External or Solid wall insulation can save up to £460 per year.

Draught proofing is more difficult to measure as it depends more on the age of your property and the amount of draught proofing required. Draught proofing a single door will not save as much as draught proofing all the sash windows in a house.

These are not the only options we can offer as can also –

  • Insulate cellars and basements
  • Insulate Suspended ceilings
  • Install Fire Curtains / barriers
  • Install Roof lining/breathable membranes
  • Insulate Sloping roofs
  • Install Floor insulation
  • And more.

And while if we insulate your loft we can also –

  • Create a loft hatch if you don’t have one
  • Install loft ladders
  • Board your loft space
  • Install loft lighting
  • Insulate exposed pipes and tanks (we also include this in our loft quotes).
  • Clear your loft
  • Remove the items from your loft that you no longer want
  • And more.

How much does it cost?

We offer a FREE survey as unfortunately the “how much” question is not a simple standard price (no matter what other companies might promises).

Each property is unique and your needs (and wants) will be different from even your neighbours.

Any person who can give an estimate over the phone is either cutting corners to get within the given price or over-estimating to make sure they don’t lose money!

This is why we offer a free survey (after a quick phone chat to confirm your property can have insulation, e.g. if you are interested in cavity wall insulation, you need walls with cavities) and quote.

We come to your house, discuss your requirements and issues then complete a short survey depending on the conversation and supply a quote detailing the measures we recommend that we have discussed with you and a bespoke price.

What do I do now?

Get in touch with us now via the form on this page and we will contact your as soon as possible to discuss your options.