Loft full of stuff? No problem.

So you thinking of having your loft insulated but its full of stuff and you don’t want to have to clear it out and fill up your other rooms?

Most companies, especially the ones that offer free insulation will insist on you doing just that!

That is probably an afternoon of your time, carrying stuff up and down the loft ladder (if you have one. If not we can help by installing a loft ladder) getting dirty, dusty and filling all your living space with the stuff you put in the loft to get out of the way.

But we say let us do the heavy lifting.

Yes, we will clear out what needs to be removed to give us room to move the rest around your loft to enable us to install the insulation.

We will then put everything back and even take away the things you want us to get rid of!

Just let the surveyor know in advance and we will take care of the rest.

No hassle, no back breaking work, we do it all.

This is just another from the long list of reasons you should choose Puffin Insulation to install or upgrade your loft insulation.

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